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Introducing the SmartGrill

How It Works

The SmartGrill is an intelligent, connected gas grill that automatically cooks foods based on user preference. The culmination of the innovation and craftsmanship of Lynx products, SmartGrillers can use their smart device or voice commands to grill the perfect meal! The SmartGrill’s performance is driven by Lynx’s patented ProSear2 Trident burner. A variable, infrared burner that produces efficient, direct heat.

Stay Connected

The SmartGrill incorporates mobile connectivity, voice recognition, online notification and a seamless user interface to bring grilling into the 21st century.

The grilling process begins with the user. Select one of hundreds of SmartGrill recipes via the SmartGrill app (available on iOS and Android). The grill connects to an online database to determine the optimal grilling time and technique for the food, and tells the chef where on the grill to place each item to ensure the best result and have everything ready to go all at the same time. The SmartGrill by Lynx can send notifications via audio, visual alerts, and text to mobile platforms. The result is your grill becomes a powerful assistant, ready to help you make the best of your meal time.


  • Automated cooking platform that takes the guesswork out of grilling.
  • Voice-activated user input drives the action.
  • Learning module updates recipes based on user input.
  • SmartGrill smartphone app monitors cooking times and temperatures.
  • Smart device notifications let you know when your food is ready.
  • From Lynx, the innovation leader in outdoor kitchen products.


MyChef™ technology provides four significant advantages for the user that are not available in any other grill:
  1. The interactive connectivity of the grill means that the user doesn’t have to hover in the vicinity of the grill – SmartGrill will notify the user when the grill is ready for the next step.
  2. The learning algorithm of SmartGrill allows the SmartGrill to remember the personal tastes of the user and customize the doneness to their personal preference.
  3. The SmartGrill will automatically shut down if it does not receive a command within 30 minutes for safety and energy conservation.
  4. The SmartGrill acts as an “assistant” for the chef, tracking various aspects of the grilling process, following recipes, and helping even novice cooks become grilling masters.
Grill Microphone
Grill Speaker

Want to cook a Rib Eye Steak with some corn on the cob and grilled onions? The SmartGrill’s powerful recipe database will set up your grill’s temperature and cooking zones to cook your steak and all the other ingredients in accordance with the recipe’s instructions. It’ll tell you by voice or text when to flip the steak over, when to perform specific steps in the recipe, and when the corn and onions are done and it’ll even change its own instructions on the fly when commanded to by the user.


The SmartGrill is built to the same exacting standards and uses the same high-performance parts as the rest of the Lynx Grill family. It’s built of solid stainless steel without bolts, metal fasteners or sharp edges. Its 40-pound hood can be lifted with a single-finger thanks to our Hood Assist system. The horsepower in the SmartGrill is driven by our exclusive patented Trident ProSear2 infrared burner; the only variable temperature infrared burner in the industry and for additional security and peace of mind, the SmartGrill shuts off if it does not hear instructions for 30 minutes.

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